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About Us

Compass Benefit Advisors provides guidance to employers in the creation and maintenance of employee benefit programs. Our team has over 100 years of experience in the benefit and HR consulting industry. We focus on providing exemplary customer service as we learn about your needs, coordinate with carriers, and develop benefit plans that meet employee expectations and your budget. Our knowledgeable, reliable and skilled team will help you navigate the complex world of employee benefits, while providing the highest level of support and cost-effective solutions.

Our Team

Our team works with you throughout the year to fine tune your future. We integrate technology and online resources to facilitate enrollment, streamlining the process for you and your employees. Employees have access to our staff that can help them understand their benefits and assist them with enrollment and claims questions. Regular reporting and discussions throughout the year mean no surprises during renewal.

Our partners have taken the lead in the State of Idaho by serving our local industry associations in board and committee positions. Each of the partners has proven their commitment to our clients by holding leadership positions responsible for shaping the future of Idaho healthcare. Our understanding of employer concerns and our network of helpful professional leaders means we’re ready to handle all your benefit, administration, and HR challenges.

Robert Tierney

Robert Tierney

Partner / Underwriter
Susie Brocke

Susie Brocke

Partner / HR Consultant
Melinda McDaniel

Melinda McDaniel

Partner / Compliance Officer
Winston Goss

Winston Goss

Business Development Officer

Marlys Hill

Sr. Account Manager

Callie Stansbury

Account Manager

Kim Marques

Individual & Medicare Specialist

Annie Simmons

Account Manager

Sarah Wilson

Business Development

Terrie Trevino

Benefits Consultant

Our Solutions

You face many employee benefit challenges, including limited internal resources, time management, employee education, compliance with federal and state legislation, trend increases, pharmacy costs and increased litigation activity. This demanding environment has forced employers to change the way they purchase and manage insurance programs. We have helped our clients by introducing them to a total-cost-of-employee-benefits management philosophy based on data-driven decisions and employee centric communications. You can count on us to do the following.

  • Carrier Analysis/Situation Analysis
  • Plan Design Resources
  • Plan Implementation
  • Data Analysis
  • Employee Satisfaction

We provide exceptional service through our education and training opportunities. Together, we can determine the topics that best suit your needs. Educational articles and newsletters are distributed regularly to keep you informed of hot benefits and HR-related topics.

  • Communications
  • Human Resources Education, Tools and Forms
  • Employee Benefit Communications
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Managing Health Care Costs

With the ever shifting ACA landscape, compliance has become today’s buzzword. Our responsibility to compliance is best demonstrated by our outreach and education materials. Keeping up with daily work is usually plenty for most of us, without seeking out bits and pieces of obscure (but important) healthcare changes. That’s why we’re constantly participating in webinars, scouring industry news, and collecting recommendations and clarifications from the Department of Labor and Insurance. Compliance is everyone’s job and by passing updates on in the form of newsletters and emails to those in your organization who need to know, we are avoiding any unpleasant surprises down the road.

Health insurance for individuals and families as well as Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage plans are also available through Compass. Our in-house expert can help sort through all the options and provide helpful advice in choosing the best plan for you and your family.


For the HR staff and accounting, the processing and tracking of enrollment forms can be a nightmare. Wherever possible, we aim to reduce or eliminate the paper process.

Human Resource Information System

We provide our clients a versatile Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Employee Navigator allows employees and their families to make an educated and informed selection for each benefit your company offers. Benefits can be reviewed and discussed from the comfort of their home and elections can be made and tracked electronically, day or night.

Enrollment Tools

By collecting data electronically, employees enter information once and the information is disseminated to the carriers on a weekly basis. Keeping up with new hires, terminations, COBRA elections, and ACA 1095 reporting has never been easier.

On Boarding

Adding new employees is a time consuming process requiring a lot of paper. Employees find themselves writing and rewriting their name, address, and other information on numerous forms to satisfy a host of internal, government, and insurance related needs. Our electronic on boarding process eliminates the need for multiple forms. Employees enter their demographic information one time and it is populated across all the necessary paperwork.

Employee Tracking

Our electronic tools help you and your employees dot all the “I”s and cross all the “T”s. You can see at a glance whether an employee has completed their enrollment, read the employee handbook, or reviewed other compliance related notices.

Integrated Payroll

Connectivity to online payroll systems is another feature of HRIS systems we can review with you and your vendor to streamline data collection even further.

Time-Off Tracking

Deliver to employees and HR users a simple and effective tool for tracking and managing paid time off benefits.