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For the HR staff and accounting, the processing and tracking of enrollment forms can be a nightmare. Wherever possible, we aim to reduce or eliminate the paper process.

Human Resource Information System

We provide our clients a versatile Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Employee Navigator allows employees and their families to make an educated and informed selection for each benefit your company offers. Benefits can be reviewed and discussed from the comfort of their home and elections can be made and tracked electronically, day or night.

Enrollment Tools

By collecting data electronically, employees enter information once and the information is disseminated to the carriers on a weekly basis. Keeping up with new hires, terminations, COBRA elections, and ACA 1095 reporting has never been easier.

On Boarding

Adding new employees is a time consuming process requiring a lot of paper. Employees find themselves writing and rewriting their name, address, and other information on numerous forms to satisfy a host of internal, government, and insurance related needs. Our electronic on boarding process eliminates the need for multiple forms. Employees enter their demographic information one time and it is populated across all the necessary paperwork.

Employee Tracking

Our electronic tools help you and your employees dot all the “I”s and cross all the “T”s. You can see at a glance whether an employee has completed their enrollment, read the employee handbook, or reviewed other compliance related notices.

Integrated Payroll

Connectivity to online payroll systems is another feature of HRIS systems we can review with you and your vendor to streamline data collection even further.

Time-Off Tracking

Deliver to employees and HR users a simple and effective tool for tracking and managing paid time off benefits.